A Good No-Holes Front License Plate Mount for the Model X

I took delivery of my Model X in December 2017 and couldn’t bring myself to put a front license plate on the car even though it’s legally required in California. After 7 months, I finally got a ticket which led me to research the various options.

I’ve been following the Now You Know YouTube channel for a long time and noticed that they had just posted a video on a new option they found on eBay. I placed my order and had it in my mailbox in under a week.

I installed it earlier this week and it’s great! It took me less than 8 minutes to install.


The video below shows the entire install (the video shows two options).

If you are researching Tesla Model Xs, this is a great channel to follow. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Patreon.

The obligatory referral code — http://ts.la/greg4062 🙂

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